Top 10 Countries with highest Homicide Rate in the World

Countries with highest Homicide RateHomicide is human death caused by another human action. It would be homicide whether it was aimed to kill or killed by chance without having plan. Highest homicide rate countries are mostly from America and Africa. Life of human is very precious for the future of a nation if anyone harm, he or she must be punished. Homicidal actions are categorized into many types. Murdering someone with or without any equipment indicates homicide. Murders have further few situation. Planned and unplanned murders both are homicide methods. Wars are also lead to kill humans in the battle field. In fact any method in which humans are killed by other humans. So, the methods can be different as per the situation and time. Abortion which is not illegal in many countries but it is a homicidal case. It takes a life of baby before having birth. All of homicide action are not crime. Killing the murderer in response to self-defense is not crime but it is homicidal incident. List of most homicidal countries in the world are mentioned in the table below.

Top 10 Countries with highest Homicide Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Homicides/100,000 per year
1  Honduras  90.64
2  El Salvador  68.27
3  Jamaica  50.84
4  Venezuela  42.37
5  Belize  40.52
6  Guatemala  38.74
7  Saint Kitts and Nevis  36.37
8  Trinidad and Tobago  35.83
9  Colombia  32.63
10  South Africa  30.48

Q: Which country has the highest homicide rate in the world?

Honduras has the highest homicide rate statistics in the world. People have no human nature to respect each other. Homicidal activities are the proof of most dangerous nation to live and survive. Murdering and robbing others to get the benefits are at the highest levels in the society. Gang wars disturbs the humans and accidentally kill many people.

Top 10 Countries with the highest Average IQ

Countries with the highest Average IQAn intelligence quotient (IQ) is the measuring scale of human intelligence level based on different subjects. These are systematized series of tests conducted by authorized department to gather the highest average IQ. These tests results the sensing age power and intelligence level of individuals. According to a recently conducted IQ tests most of the population IQ levels are between 80 and 110. Small average population is above 110 and below 80. Best education system countries have high sensing power due to their quality study environment. Americans and Europeans have high ratio to super intelligence level. Most of the Africans are still below the average intelligence rate. Asian are progressing fast to compete the high intelligence quotient people of the world. Freedom of sense and actions is the first thing to do to enhance the nation. After that good education system can give them a way to catch the luxuries. At that point highest IQ level people arouse to invent the luxuries. List of highest IQ level country in the world is described in this post.

Top 10 Countries with the highest Average IQ

Rank Country Name Average IQ Level
1  Hong Kong  108.47
2  South Korea  107.23
3  Japan  106.84
4  Taiwan  105.73
5  Singapore  105.45
6  Netherlands  104.86
7  Italy  104.39
8  Germany  103.98
9  Austria  103.35
10  Switzerland  102.17

Q: Which country has the highest IQ level in the world?

Hong Kong has the highest average IQ level in the world. Government provide quality school education at the beginner level. That highly established education system leads the people to score high IQ rate. Their citizens are intelligent traders and businessman. Hong Kong had scored top class which is very difficult to achieve by other countries in near future.

Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates

highest cancer ratesOnce, cancer was considered as a rare disease, but it has become so common today. Highest cancer rates in the world are the major death causing. It is a disease which involves cell growth that can potentially harm the other parts of the body. It first becomes tumor, if it is not treated in time, then it can become dangerous and spread to the whole body. There are several signs and symptoms including bowel movements, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough and even unexpected weight loss. World cancer statistics shows more than 100 types and it affects human differently. The only solution to save you from such disease is early diagnosis and timely treatment. Everyday millions of people die due to that disease which is high among all other diseases, some due to tobacco, alcohol, severe exposure to radiation and infections. The percentage in developing countries is very high and genetics play an important role. However, certain types can be prevented with precautions including smoking, appropriate weight, less intake of alcohol and eating vegetables. List of world cancer rates by country is stated in this blog.

Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Cancer

  • Local and Systemic Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Role of Genetics
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Initially it starts without symptoms and signs grows with the time. However, some symptoms are specific and they are easily diagnosed. Some types show symptoms at early stages like lungs, colorectal or ulceration cancer. Systemic symptoms include unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever, liver and kidney failure. However, highest cancer rates are due to environmental, infectious and genetic based. Genetics plays an important role in the formation. Some types are diagnosed with proper screening and initial blood tests. There are many treatments available for rising world cancer rates by country with the help of medication and surgery.

Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates in the World

Rank Country Name Cancer Rate per 100,000 people
1  Denmark  344.67
2  France  332.85
3  Australia  327.73
4  Belgium  325.63
5  Norway  321.46
6  United States  319.62
7  Ireland  314.95
8  South Korea  310.49
9  Netherlands  308.72
10  Slovenia  299.51

Q: Which country has the highest cancer rates in the world?

Denmark has the highest cancer rates in the world. People have high cigarette and alcohol consumption rates. These unhealthy practices are the major causes of diseases. People have alarming diseases in the country. Diagnosing early can be safer for life but it is most difficult to diagnose. Denmark has high class hospitals and doctors to checkup the diseases. Diagnosing in Denmark has good record to cure the people from that deadly disease.

Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World

Countries with highest Divorce Rate65Divorce is a bitter stage of life, and it is a situation when both of the partners are unable to compromise each. Highest divorce rate countries in the world have weak relationships among the family members which break on small issues. It’s a sudden change of sense of stability, breaking the relationship and separating the whole family into parts. Parents don’t consider their children when they go for separation, and ultimately their children suffer from their decision. Children suffer a lot because they need love and attention of both of the parents. It doesn’t only ruin the personality of the children but also put a devastating impact on their lives and career. Breaking the relations is not good, and it creates more problems for both of the partners. Rather than fixing problems by them, the majority of the couples opt for the separation in the western culture and it has become so common. The law allows men and women to seek dissolution if they don’t live together for any reasons. However, the law varies from one country to another. Law has protected the rights of women and men have to compensate women if she want to leave him. See list of divorce rates by country to know what country has the most divorces in the world.

Effects of Divorce on Children

  • Shattered Personality
  • Dropout of School
  • Drug Addicts
  • Involve In Crimes
  • Ruin Children’s Life

Divorce puts serious effects on the personality and mentality of the children. They feel sorry for it because they are labeled with the children of divorced women or men. It spoils their personality, and they get through different periods. They get angry, stressed and feel uncomfortable that furthers spoil their study, and ultimately they get dropouts of the school and colleges. The ratio of drug addiction among such children is relatively high than other kids. They get involved in crimes and ultimately walk away from the ordinary life. Highest divorce rate destroys the relationship, and the whole family suffers due to the separation between the parents.

Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Divorce Percentage
1  Belgium  73.48
2  Portugal  70.15
3  Hungary  69.72
4  Czech Republic  67.81
5  Spain  64.61
6  Luxembourg  63.57
7  Estonia  60.12
8  Cuba  58.29
9  France  56.46
10  USA  54.75

Q: Which country has the highest divorce rate in the world?

Belgium has the highest divorce rate in the world. People are rich and lead a luxurious life but there are no family satisfactions. Individuals marry couple of times and break their relations on small issues of life. They have no strong connections to their relatives and even the parents. It is true if I say that money has the more value than the blood relations in many countries of the world. Belgium has topped in list of divorce rates by country in the world.

Top 10 Countries with highest Gun Violence in the World

Countries with highest Gun ViolenceGun violence is unacceptable activity used to harm the society environment. That is performed with armed guns to threaten the humans. A large number of firearms are used by the civilian people in every nation. List of highest gun violence countries is stated after some description. Criminals have the upper hand for killing and robbery. About 2 lac humans yearly meet the death by using the firearms. Arms are disturbing the society peace, happiness and freedom. Guns are labeled at homes in the name of safety and self-protection. Suicides are committed in large number due to stress and anxiety. For these firearms are providing the easy platform. According to different departments gun disturbance is not the criminal activity. They have the license for firearms for self-protection. Violence badly impact on economic and health conditions. High tourism rate nations are known for their peace and hostility. But a threatened nation has no such quality of attracting people from the whole world.

Highest gun violence countries: Terms

  • Suicide
  • Intentional homicide
  • National Roughness
  • Robbery and strike

Civil firearm disturbance occurred due to publically gun availability in the markets. Many countries have no license strictness policy for public. Civil war in Syria is the main example of having arms publically. Groups are often made against each other which totally harm the peace in the society. Psychologically humans badly suffered from firearms. Children remain mentally upset and families became less cooperative with each other.

Top 10 Countries with highest Gun Violence in the World

Rank Country Name Gun deaths/ 100,000 per year
1  Honduras  65.47
2  Venezuela  53.83
3  El Salvador  48.27
4  Jamaica  40.59
5  Swaziland  36.35
6  Guatemala  34.84
7  Colombia  30.62
8  South Africa  23.69
9  Brazil  20.58
10  Panama  19.26

Q: Which country has the highest gun violence in the world?

United States of America has the highest gun violence in the world according to stats mentioned by different departments. Guns are available in the markets for civilians to buy. These cause a bad effect on the humans. A large number of people in United States are killed, robbed and threatened on the power of arms. Homicides in USA has a high rate due to gun availability. Gangs are made to snatch the money and resources which spread the violence all around the nation.

Countries with highest Gun Violence65

Top 10 Countries with highest Muslim Population

countries with highest muslim populationIslam is the faith and believers of Islam are called Muslims. Islam spread in the whole world by Muhammad (SAW), the last messenger of Allah almighty. He created the system upon justice and equality between all the humans of world even they were non-Muslims. Last Prophet of Allah challenged the Super powers of that time and later the followers of He (SAW) defeated them. During the four Caliphates Islam spread to the peaks of humankind. The main center of Muslims is Holy Kabba situated in Saudi Arabia. About 50 countries are stated as Muslim nations. Countries with highest Muslim population are mostly in Asia and Africa. Most of the Muslim population is from Asian countries. 23 percent of world population have believe in Islam.

Pillars of Islam

  • Testimony
  • Prayer
  • Alms giving
  • Fasting
  • Pilgrimage

Believe in one Allah almighty, Angels, Revelations, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Companions and the judgement day tells the truth about Muslim faith. By the figures shown by the Pew Research Center Washington D.C. Muslims are the second highest in number about 1.60 billion people which believes in Islam. And Christianity has the highest number of believers in the world. List of countries with highest Muslim population is established by our team to know figures.

Top 10 countries with highest Muslim population

Rank Country Name Population
1  Indonesia  209,125,000
2  Pakistan  176,192,000
3  India  167,413,000
4  Bangladesh  133,541,000
5  Egypt  77,300,000
6  Nigeria  76,991,000
7  Iran  73,572,000
8  Turkey  71,333,000
9  Algeria  34,731,000
10  Morocco  31,942,000

Q: Which country has the largest Muslim population in the world today?

Indonesia is the highest Muslim population country in the world. It has 13 percent of world total Muslim population. Its capital is Jakarta and currency is Rupiah. Asian countries have most importance of religion as compared to other continents of the world. They worshiped many God according to history but Islam is currently the Dominant.

Top 10 Countries with highest Job Opportunities in the World

countries with highest job opportunities65Job is a workshop place to do their activities based on your knowledge. It can be under control of government or private owners. Countries with highest job opportunities is the bonus to earn money and to create new advancements or technology for the society. Management is the way of getting more benefits from less force which is a type to employment mostly hired in organizations and companies. A country provide employment facilities as well as education. Highly motivated countries have enough job opportunities as they hire people from other nations to accomplish their tasks. Countries with highest job opportunities pay high amounts with bonus facilities to attract the people and customers. Many people also do part time activities with their education or permanent employment. People start their own business after getting money and experience from different organization and institutes.

Biggest departments for jobs in the world

  • Militant forces & Police for security
  • Educational Institutes and Management
  • Development Engineers and Workers
  • Private Companies and Organizations
  • Lawyers and Judiciary
  • Health and Environment
  • Industry and Market
  • Trade and Transportation
  • Media and Politics

Education is necessary for all kind of employment. Job finding is a major problem in many countries. Students get their master degrees but due to poor administration they don’t find their field work. Many employed people leave their jobs due to less pay or irrelevant post. It’s the government duty to provide educational and employment facilities to their people. People spend 8-10 hours in office and they paid for that.

Top 10 Countries with highest Job Opportunities in the World

Rank Country Name Opportunity Index
1  Singapore  82.56
2  Hong Kong  80.73
3  United Arab Emirates  78.83
4  Australia  77.46
5  United States of America  75.59
6  France  75.36
7  China  74.84
8  Netherlands  74.63
9  United Kingdom  73.75
10  Mexico  73.42

Q: Which country has the highest job opportunity in the world?

Singapore has the highest job opportunities for their nationality holders and even for foreigners. It is small country with high export and import business. Their education and business level is very high and people from different nations find jobs here. They promote talent by giving their desired field work. Countries with highest job opportunities like Singapore are well developed and have perfect environment for living.

countries with highest job opportunities

Top 10 Countries with most Refugees in the World

Refugee is the hardship experienced person who is migrated from one country to another. Countries with most refugees have kind heart to give them permission to stay on their land. These people have faced many unhuman activities from government or public during their homeland which caused them to migrate to other regions. These problematic issues can be on many subject. These migrated people left all things behind and go way for secure life in future for themselves and children. Religion and politics are the main war creating subjects in the nation. After leaving their homeland they remain in camps in other countries. Countries with most refugees have to show courage and friendly environment to the effected people. Some migrants took their new nationality with approach or talent but many remain in camps for safety. Asian and African countries have the most refuge crisis. There are about more than 20 million refugees in the world seeking for shelter in camps or mud houses.

Why is there a refugee crisis?

  • To find the safe place to live without danger and violence
  • Due to the bad effects of climate changing
  • Poor life security due to war
  • Economic Migration of People

US war in the Middle East countries is the main cause for people to migrate. People in the Middle East Nations have no secure lives due to violence and terrorism from different parties. If we analyze the Middle East Nations e.g. Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, these are all disturbed by the war.

Top 10 Countries with most Refugees in the World

Rank Country Name No. of Refugees
1  Turkey  1,838,973
2  Pakistan  1,541,482
3  Lebanon  1,172,842
4  Iran  980,446
5  Ethiopia  702,921
6  Australia  692,845
7  Kenya  553,164
8  Uganda  428,725
9  Chad  421,437
10  Sudan  356,548

Q: Which country has the most refugees in the world?

United Nations Refugee Agency declared that Turkey has the most refugees in their country as the Middle East countries are the most effected by war. Most of the Syrian refugees are living in Turkey as they find it their neighbor. They have their temporary settlements for new orders to deliver. Turkey made the connection of Asian countries with Europe. Top 10 countries with most refugees additionally sheltering more than half of the world refugees.

most refugees in the world

Top 10 Countries with Highest Rape Crime in the World

rape crimeRape is the most aversion and noticeably bad wrongdoing crime from the antiquated ages. It totally crush the general public picture and female’s life. List of countries with highest rape crime in the world is maintained is this article. There are around 325,000 female yearly assaulted/raped on the planet. It is unsuitable that developed nations has the highest rape rate in the world in that detested work. A few nations have no confinements on that wrongdoing yet in Islamic states it is the most exceedingly bad, they rebuff the individuals having assaulted with uncommon things. Illicit Videos, garments, theaters, eateries and Medias advance that sort of excitements in the general public which ought to be banned. All the religions of the world additionally abhor that demonstration. Country with highest rape rate have no human rights for women and men. Strikes are also announced against these rape crimes.

What causes people to get raped?

  • Absence of religious information and instruction
  • Absence of Parental control
  • Utilization of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Some people have no mankind
  • Awful impression of Media in Society
  • Females with less amount of garments on body

Staying under the control of parents and with a good company of friends has less chance to commit such crimes. As the legends says that man is known from their friends that what they do and think. Taking the religious training under the parents and religious scholars can change the thinking level. Getting married as ahead of time as could reasonably be expected have a good impact. All of these techniques are the best solution to prevent the rape activity from the society. Countries with highest rape statistics are unaware about religion and the human rights.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Rape Crime in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  India  New Delhi
2  United States of America  Washington D.C.
3  South Africa  Cape Town
4  Canada  Ottawa
5  United Kingdom  London
6  Ethiopia  Addis Ababa
7  Italy  Rome
8  Israel  Jerusalem
9  Sri Lanka  Colombo
10  Germany  Berlin

Q: Which is the highest rape crime country in the world?

India has has the first rank in the list of highest rape crime countries. Its populace is around 1.300 billion. Individuals are treating like creatures in the general public to one another and there are no such strict standards for that most exceedingly awful wrongdoing. A perfect religion character can keep that demonstration from the country.

rape crime countries

Top 10 Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World

lowest birth rate countriesMeasure of people have numerous preferences from the antiquated ages to now in the time of Information Technology. Lowest birth rate countries are living cheerfully than high rate nations like Finland, Denmark and Switzerland and so on yet they have low workforce. Populated nations are going to overwhelm them because of more workforce of people. People are the great formation of God which can change the world. Low population growth can take the nations to in reverse on the grounds that there are very little laborers for advancement of country. More populated nations have solid economy and they can expand it more like China and India. Lowest birth rate nations relies upon machines because of low workforce. Remained weak in defense because of low military power. Can not promote youth in the society which is the primary force of a nation. Moreover least populated nations take tough time to make solid economy effortlessly as contrast with populated countries.

How to increase the lowest population growth rate

  • Evacuate Family controlling Centers
  • Advance Marriages
  • Invest more time with family
  • Teach religious books

In the current world people have all the facilities and can deal with more individuals. Europe is considered in the lowest birth rate countries and their populace is diminishing gradually. The vast majority of the individuals in Europe even don’t wed on the grounds that they need to live openly on the planet with no unsettling influence. As children are the blessings of God however numerous individuals have no religion and they carry on with their entire existence with no family and infants.

Top 10 Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Birth Rate
1  Monaco  6.73
2  Hong Kong  7.62
3  Saint Pierre and Miquelon  7.81
4  Singapore  7.95
5  Japan  8.31
6  South Korea  8.36
7  Germany  8.40
8  Czech Republic  8.59
9  Taiwan  8.65
10  Slovenia  8.69
78  United States of America  13.74

Q: Which country has the lowest birth rate in the world?

Monaco has the 1st rank in lowest birth rate countries. It is very small country located in Europe with population of 37,831 according to World Bank in 2013. Its currency is Euro and language is French. Country with lowest population growth rate in the world leads to low youth level.

monaco birth rate