Top ten most Powerful Countries of the World

most powerful countries in the worldThe accumulation of Population strength, Defense spending arrangement and GDP recounts to us the entire story of most powerful countries in the world. As we all have a tendency to recognize from ancient ages that strength of people is typically powerful if they utilize it appropriately. These people can do everything like increment armed force, economy, agribusiness, business, innovations and battles against their adversaries. Defense is often extremely vital and imperative but terribly costly, a large portion of nations spend quite over 50% money on defense spending plan. USA is on high with budget of defense on military. Army, air force and naval force would truly like further and additional money to meet their necessities. World powerful country largely focus on their defense power strategy. GDP is the Gross domestic product that is equivalent to non-public & government consumption plus consumption on capital for trading plus total exports minus imports. It lets us know about the economy insights that what measure of expansion is returning in next advancing years. List of world powers in the world are here in the blog.

World powerful country measurements

  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Population and Military
  • Gross domestic product
  • Market exchange
  • Wealth and budget

As we know that population is the main department for world powerful country but it can be very dangerous if they do not get benefits from it. The countries with large population and large earth area can be included in the most powerful countries. They can grow crops & vegetables on wide land area, get benefits from internet, increase defense & GDP, get more natural resources and perform more tasks than others. But they just need to promote education so that they can do these all things. Therefore we all know that all the most powerful countries are occupying the other countries because they know the value of area and population. After the 1800 UK occupied many countries and they get benefits from them through land and people like Sub-continent and became a big power, but after the freedom they limited to their own land. Then Russia also occupied on many countries and get benefits but USA fight against them and Russia came back to their own limited area. And now USA has control on many countries and getting advantages. China has the bright future due to area, population and education.

Top ten most Powerful Countries of the World

Rank Country Name Power Index
1  United States of America  78.64
2  People Republic of China  64.83
3  Russia  61.36
4  France  49.47
5  United Kingdom  46.13
6  Germany  45.83
7  Japan  44.23
8  India  42.49
9  Canada  41.75
10  Israel  40.58

Q: Which is the most powerful country in the world?

United States of America has the first rank in the table of most powerful countries in the world according to these three departments, defense budget, strength of people and GDP. USA is on the top with rank 1st and USA had 313.9 million population which is 3rd largest in the world. So, from these departments USA has topped in the list of world powers.

most powerful countries

Top 10 Countries with highest Military Budget

highest military budgetMilitary is the main power of a country defense. All the countries have their own militant forces. Powerful militant force nations have the highest military budget. But some nations which have no force, so other country give them protection and they charge for that. Now in modern age, modern army weapons, tanks, sea ships and air craft’s has came and weapon industries are earning much wealth by making new modern war weapons. All the weapon industries are used for maintenance, researching, new development and other requirements. Now countries are creating arm manufacturing industries commonly which produce the weapons for own nation. Countries are buying modern technical war heads which are very expensive to enhance and strengthen their defense power. Due to these advancements in war strategies largest military expenditures are being made. List of world largest military expenditures is available in this article.

World military budget spending

  • Personnel expenditure
  • Equipment and components
  • Atomic energy spending
  • Arms and motors
  • Manufacturing

US fought against many countries all over the world and have many enemies. America took a major part in WW1 and WW2 and succeeded. So, that they need to be more powerful as they have many enemies. So, they are spending much money on armed forces to defense him in any position like war. High class defense and aggressiveness strategies cause largest military expenditures. USA has many weapon industries which are creating new modern weapons. Nuclear weapons which the other countries do not have but America has them. Nuclear and atomic weapons and bombs are very expensive to make. USA is making a lot of weapons like a business and using them on other nations by army, air force and navy. American army fought in many nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and they listed in the table of largest military spending in the world. In Afghanistan they fought against the Taliban who want to rule the Afghanistan. There are other many countries which have no army so USA give them the protection.

Top 10 Countries with highest Military Budget in the world

Rank Country Name Billion USD
1  United States  580.23
2  China  128.65
3  Saudi Arabia  81.45
4  Russia  71.87
5  UK  60.64
6  France  54.35
7  Japan  46.67
8  India  46.36
9  Germany  44.56
10  South Korea  34.72

Q: Which country has the highest military budget in the world?

At that time, USA has the first rank in the list of highest military budget countries. They are buying and producing new war weapons for defense. Other countries like China, Russia, UK and France have also the largest military spending in the world to defense their country from enemies.

highest military budget in the world

Top 10 Atomic Power Countries in the World

atomic power countries in the worldAtomic power countries are the most powerful in the world. These have many disadvantage and advantages in case of defense, peace and war. World best atomic power countries have the modern nuclear weapons which can destroy the whole world. All nations afraid from advanced countries and they don’t attack on them. Firstly USA became the nuclear power than other nations copied their formula. Now all strongest nuclear powers in the world are producing electricity from nuclear power plants. They can also produce new machinery to develop their country. But, it can also damage the whole humanity. It can kill the billions of people in just a minute with one button. American president carry an atomic ball with him every time to launch their bombs any time in emergency. There are many countries that have the title of strongest nuclear powers in the world. List of world’s top nuclear power countries is mentioned.

Atomic power countries are categorized into

  • NPT nuclear powers
  • Non-NPT nuclear powers
  • Undeclared Nuclear Powers

But there is Israel which has the ability but they did not show. Other countries have used in wars or just experiment the blast on empty place to show their power, but Israel is unannounced. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Turkey are getting shared weapons from USA. USA is giving them atomic weapons for their defense and as ally. Iran, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Belarus and Ukraine are also working on advance weapons.

Top 10 Atomic Power Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Warheads
1  United States  4,805
2  Russia  4,482
3  France  303
4  China  260
5  United kingdom  227
6  Pakistan  125
7  India  112
8  Israel  80
9  North Korea  10
10  Iran  —

Q: Which is the biggest atomic power country in the world?

USA has the first rank in the list of world best atomic power countries. There are many wars fought between different countries and there was also the use of atomic bombs like USA blast their bombs on Japan in WW2. These blasts had destroyed the two cities of Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Which were totally destroyed and even now babies born with some problems of body. These weapons have long time effect on the blasted areas.

Top Ten Countries with Largest Army in the World

largest army in the worldArmy is a group of people including male and female. Largest Army countries are the most powerful. It operate under the General which is the Head of all to control. It is the fighting force that fights on land. Soldiers are well trained for any difficulty with wearing a specific uniform. It is a main power and defense of country and it is the source of showing power and strength. It is used to secure the border from the outsiders to get in illegally or attack the nation. There are three main departments where force is required army, navy and air. These all forces are very important but land force has very major character. There are many wars fought in different countries and largest army countries have advantage over them. Most populated countries like China and India have more resources of people to join military and secure his country. Clashes between many parties like Taliban can destroy the country. These can damage the common people and famous personalities. Military can take notice and fight against them to make them human. List of strongest army in the world is stated in this article.

Main Ranks of Army

  • General of the Armies
  • General of the Army
  • General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major General
  • Brigadier General

Many natural problems are also affecting the people including flood, earthquake, storm and disease etc. Countries with largest army used to rescue the people from danger. Floods are common in different countries which take place regularly and disturbing people. But armies take a main role helping the people and getting them into safe place. These floods can be controlled but earthquakes are from the God they must destroy the people and people stuck down in the building.

Top Ten Countries with Largest Army in the World

Rank Country Name Personnel
1  China  2,362,463
2  USA  1,431,378
3  India  1,325,836
4  North Korea  1,106,248
5  Russia  1,040,635
6  South Korea  687,476
7  Turkey  664,539
8  Pakistan  617,204
9  Iran  523,625
10  Egypt  468,830

Q: Which country has the largest army in the world?

China has the strongest army in the world about 2,362,463. Most of them are practicing in Taiwan and other islands near China. They have no attack strategies to occupy other nation. They are only concentrating on their own national defense from others invasions. USA, India, North Korea and Russia have also strongest army in the world. These numbers are of the registered persons for defense.

world largest army