Top 10 Countries with most Natural Resources in the World

most Natural Resources by countryResource is the necessity to fulfil the needs. Natural resources are the gift by the Almighty God to humans. These have equal rights for humans to grab them for their benefits. A perfect economic system of a nation gives equal distribution of wealth among the humans. From sunlight to diamonds all the necessities of humans are the God gifted resources. These also includes water, animals, forests, minerals etc. Soils are used for cultivation of crops, vegetables and fruits. These are the basic need of people to live in this world. But as time passed oil and coal became the demanding assets for machines and industries. To get these things firstly we need to dig them from the earth or mountains. That process is called mining. Mined products are further processed in the industries to make them original. List of resource rich countries in the world is displayed in this blog.

Natural resources categories

  • Living natural stock
  • Non-living things
  • Renewable assets
  • Non-renewable assets

Natural resources are differentiate in two methods. Living animals and birds spread and further produced. Metals are limited to use and cannot spread itself, so called non-living. Moreover some resources have the ability to reproduce itself in quick time. But metals and oil have no such reproduction methods. Resource rich countries have best chances to boost their economy and progress.

Top 10 Countries with most Natural Resources in the World

Rank Country Name Natural Resources Worth in Trillion USD
1  Russia  74.81
2  United States  45.62
3  Saudi Arabia  33.53
4  Canada  33.67
5  Iran  28.15
6  China  23.71
7  Brazil  21.28
8  Australia  20.27
9  Iraq  14.94
10  Venezuela  14.57

Q: Which country has the highest natural resources in the world?

Russia has the most natural resources in the world. They have large land and coastal area. Assets are widely hidden in all over the earth. Russia is the most natural gas producer country. Large area is covered with forests used to make timber. Oil is extracting from the deep inside of earth. Mountains are rich with coal reserves. Yet a large amount of coal is being extracted from the mountain with big machinery.

Top 10 Countries with most Advanced Weapons

most advanced weapons countryWeapon is military equipment used to protect themselves from the enemies. Most advanced weapons in the world are being developed by the best military technology countries in the world. In the ancient ages, swords and shields were the most advanced weapon technology. Swords were made of iron and steel. High quality metals were melted to make the perfect swords. But as time passed, nations reached to the age of Information technology. Fighter jets, submarines and missiles technologies are being introduced with nuclear weapon systems. These weapons have high destruction rate to defeat the enemies. Arm manufacturing industries have wide business. That business became the most beneficial due to technological work in development. Making submarines needs unique equipment’s which are expensive to develop or purchase. Future technology can be more alarming for the humanity which can destroy the whole world on single press of button. As now atomic power countries can destroy mega cities in a single nuclear blast. List of world’s most advanced weapon technology countries is described in this section of website.

Most expensive weapons in the world

  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
  • Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Destroyer
  • American Submarines
  • Aircraft Carries

Advancements in the technology lead to the perfect lifecycle. In that race, arm industry remains most demanding for advanced weapons. Moving toward best military technology to protect their natives from the outside invasions can be acceptable. But on the name of defense, countries are spreading violence in other nations to capture their resources. Super powers are ruling the world by threatening the other nations. World Wars were based on becoming the super power to control the world in their hands.

Top 10 Countries with most Advanced Weapons in the World

Rank Country Name Index
1  United States of America  89.8
2  Russia  84.3
3  China  82.5
4  Germany  79.1
5  United Kingdom  78.5
6  France  78.2
7  Turkey  77.9
8  Japan  76.6
9  India  76.3
10  South Korea  75.8

Q: Which country has the most advanced technology weapons in the world?

United States of America has the most advanced weapons in the world. Arm industries are manufacturing high class equipment. F-35 Lightning II is the most expensive weapon in the world. It costs more than 300 USD to build that single Fighter Jet. These have sensor technology to destroy the enemies in fastest speed that we can not even imagine. To develop these technological jets, United States offers high budgets to militant industries and companies.

Top 10 Countries with most Inventions in the World

most inventions by countryAn invention is an outcome of any idea, device, method or composition of a process. It may be a new development or further improvement of the existing design and development. Most inventions in the world leads the humanity toward the perfect life cycle. The person who usually invents or produces an idea, product of outcome that has effective use is known as inventor. His invention may reflect the success or failure of his invention. Different scientists around the globe have come up with several developments and these have completely changed the humans. Inventions are protected by the patents that help the inventors to claim his right for the use or further distribution of any product. However, any person can use the patient by seeking permissions of the inventor by mutually agreeing on the terms and conditions of use of the invention for personal or commercial use. Invention is also important in legal manner and law protects it through intellectual property rights act. United States has largest inventors globally and there is more development going on in the country in the field of science and technology. List of highest number of inventions by country is available in this section.

Famous Inventions around the World

  • Airplane
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electric Cars
  • Submarines
  • Internet and WWW

Airplane is the great invention so far and it has transformed the world. It has become one of the largest transportation systems and helps us to travel across the globe in hours. Wireless communication is another type of communication system and modern communication systems have helped us to communicate and connect to rest of the world. Electric cars are mostly used in the Japan which has less expense of usage. Submarines have most powerful attack missile systems to destroy the enemy lines. Developing such military weapons lead to high budget. These are the most innovative countries in the world which have most inventors in the world.

Top 10 Countries with most Inventions in the World

Rank Country Name % of Inventions
1  United States of America  45.34
2  Japan  15.85
3  South Korea  6.34
4  Germany  5.78
5  Taiwan  4.12
6  China  3.34
7  France  2.86
8  United Kingdom  2.09
9  Canada  1.79
10  India  1.13

Q: Which country has the most inventions in the world?

United States of America has the highest number of inventions by country. As industrial revolution takes place, US had the best technology institutes. At that time United States had the most scientists working on different inventions. But after the computer revolution US leave behind all the countries in the race of innovation and technology. Internet, World Wide Web and Facebook were the mind blowing invention of Information technology. At that time most inventions in the world take place in United States due to their quality education and platforms.

Top 10 Countries with most Earthquakes in the World

most earthquakes by countryShaking of earth in certain parts of the world is known as earthquake. It happens due to abrupt release of energy from the earth’s crust creating waves in the belts of the earth. However, most earthquakes vary in intensity and magnitude that can lead to massive destruction and can toss the world at once. It can destroy whole world and despite most architecture development scientist are unable to find any concrete solution to stop massive destruction by disasters. Earthquake can be measured through special sensors called as seismometers. It is measured on Richter scale and intensity of the earthquakes is measured through it. These occur anywhere around the world and there is no specific time for that. Earth has several belts underneath the surface and it moves from time to time according to the pressure of the earth. There are different fault types of earthquakes ranges strikes-slip, normal and reverse. However, it vary in terms of depth and width. Most of the earthquakes form sequences and produces aftershocks since they occur. List of most earthquake prone countries in the world is given in a table.

Most Earthquakes Occurrence

  • Measuring and locating
  • Earthquake effects
  • Major earthquakes
  • Prediction

Technology has made it possible to trace earthquake before their occurrence and with the help of seismometers they can locate it up to long distances. Earthquake effects ranges from mild to severe but it can put devastating effects on the earth. It brings mass destruction of assets and human lives. Earthquakes are felt worldwide creating chaos and loss over the world. Scientists are working day and night to develop equipment to completely predict the earthquake before it gets too late to do remedial measures.

Top 10 Countries with most Earthquakes in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  Indonesia  Jakarta
2  Japan  Tokyo
3  Nepal  Kathmandu
4  India  New Delhi
5  Ecuador  Quito
6  Philippines  Manila
7  Mexico  Mexico City
8  Tonga  Nukuʻalofa
9  China  Beijing
10  Iran  Tehran

Q: Which country has the most earthquakes in the world?

Indonesia has top the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Highest magnitude earthquakes had came and destroyed the cities and towns. 9.1 magnitude remained the highest for Indonesia. That large part of nation receives the most earthquake prone. Indonesia has high population density and people suffers a lot with such disasters. Volcano are also there which cause much disaster during shaking of earth.

Top 10 Countries with the Best Food in the World

best food in the worldFood is compulsory stuff for growth of human body. Health remains perfect by eating high nutrient foods. Best food in the world mostly generated from two things, plants and animals. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian are the two aspects of humans eating’s. Vegetarian people eat vegetables for the most part of the daily routine in life. Agriculture has the vast production which enables the people to eat various recipes.  Non-vegetarians have upper hand to delicious foods of animals. Beef, mutton and chicken are the best non-vegetarian recipe products.  Hunting was used to enable these products in the ancient ages but now pet animals forms are modern techniques. Food industry is vastly expanding their productivity due to high increase rate in population. Rich and advanced cultural countries have best industry allowing the people to enjoy healthy products. List of best food in the world by country is stated in a table.

Some best food recipes in the world

  • Baked ziti
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Lasagne
  • Bolognese sauce
  • Spicy Macaroni and Cheese

Every person on the earth likes to eat the healthy and most delicious food in the world. Countries have their healthy traditional foods and industry have some delicious new recipes for the people. As per the taste, quality and health benefits, recipes are made to attract the others. Restaurants and hotels attract the visitors due to their delicious food recipes and best cuisine in the world.  Tourists enjoy the traditional foods of other nations during their travails.

Top 10 Countries with the Best Food in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  Italy  Rome
2  France  Paris
3  Mexico  Mexico City
4  Spain  Madrid
5  India  New Delhi
6  Greece  Athens
7  China  Beijing
8  Japan  Tokyo
9  United States  Washington D.C
10  Turkey  Ankara

Q: Which country has the best food in the world?

Italy has the most delicious food in the world. They have high taste and variety in their food industry production. Cooking experts make the prefect dishes of vegetables and meat. Italian pizza remained the most popular recipe all time. Healthy ingredients are chosen by the Italian chefs to make their desired recipes. Olive oil is used for the most part in the cooking products by the chefs in the restaurants.

Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates

highest cancer ratesOnce, cancer was considered as a rare disease, but it has become so common today. Highest cancer rates in the world are the major death causing. It is a disease which involves cell growth that can potentially harm the other parts of the body. It first becomes tumor, if it is not treated in time, then it can become dangerous and spread to the whole body. There are several signs and symptoms including bowel movements, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough and even unexpected weight loss. World cancer statistics shows more than 100 types and it affects human differently. The only solution to save you from such disease is early diagnosis and timely treatment. Everyday millions of people die due to that disease which is high among all other diseases, some due to tobacco, alcohol, severe exposure to radiation and infections. The percentage in developing countries is very high and genetics play an important role. However, certain types can be prevented with precautions including smoking, appropriate weight, less intake of alcohol and eating vegetables. List of world cancer rates by country is stated in this blog.

Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Cancer

  • Local and Systemic Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Role of Genetics
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Initially it starts without symptoms and signs grows with the time. However, some symptoms are specific and they are easily diagnosed. Some types show symptoms at early stages like lungs, colorectal or ulceration cancer. Systemic symptoms include unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever, liver and kidney failure. However, highest cancer rates are due to environmental, infectious and genetic based. Genetics plays an important role in the formation. Some types are diagnosed with proper screening and initial blood tests. There are many treatments available for rising world cancer rates by country with the help of medication and surgery.

Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates in the World

Rank Country Name Cancer Rate per 100,000 people
1  Denmark  344.67
2  France  332.85
3  Australia  327.73
4  Belgium  325.63
5  Norway  321.46
6  United States  319.62
7  Ireland  314.95
8  South Korea  310.49
9  Netherlands  308.72
10  Slovenia  299.51

Q: Which country has the highest cancer rates in the world?

Denmark has the highest cancer rates in the world. People have high cigarette and alcohol consumption rates. These unhealthy practices are the major causes of diseases. People have alarming diseases in the country. Diagnosing early can be safer for life but it is most difficult to diagnose. Denmark has high class hospitals and doctors to checkup the diseases. Diagnosing in Denmark has good record to cure the people from that deadly disease.

Top 10 Countries with most Fighter Jets

most fighter jets in the worldJets had been used anciently for decades for means of transportation as well as for the primary weapons in the wars. Every Military Organization of the world has a vast fleet of air strike to create its dominance in the world. Advance countries are trying to excel in the development of most fighter jets. In modern warfare, there is a significant reliance of army on the air strike because of the capabilities to invade enemies in the open air as well as on the ground. Advanced aircraft have skills to move in speed and hit their targets with precision. Continuous development in the technology has further assisted in the manufacturing of jet planes, and it has made possible to create stealth aircrafts with the capability to be untraceable by the radars. Even most advanced radars are unable to scan the stealth jets in the air. Countries with most advanced fighter jets include China with its super jet J-10, US Air Force F-16, and Russian Jet MiG-35. List with number of fighter aircraft by country is maintained in this article.

Fighter Jets, Specifications, and Technology

  • Ancient Use of Fighter Jets
  • Technology Measurements
  • Capabilities
  • Fifth Generation Manufecturing
  • Modern Warfare Tool

The first use of air fighters was during the First World War-I. In the First World War, two-seater jets used one for the pilot and other for the machine gun carrier. After the World War-I period, countries invested heavily in the development of aircraft and more advanced technology was used. Later on, most fighter jets were made more capable by incorporating advanced features. Today, countries are focusing on 5th generation aircraft which offer more efficiency and low cost of fuel consumption with better performance. War aircrafts are modern warfare tools used in the century.

Top 10 Countries with most Fighter Jets in the World

Rank Country Name Strength in Number
1  United States  2,310
2  China  1,235
3  Russia  757
4  India  683
5  North Korea  461
6  South Korea  407
7  Egypt  338
8  Pakistan  307
9  Taiwan  291
10  Japan  289

Q: Which country has the most fighter jets in the world?

United States of America has the most fighter aircraft by country in the world. Companies are manufacturing most advanced technology fighter aircraft. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are the best companies in United States for heavily armed aircraft development. They are developing 5th generation crafts which are less expensive and high destruction against the enemies. US had a strong contribution in both World Wars as per Air strike. Almost all other countries demand crafts from USA for better defense.

Top 10 Countries with most Hackers in the World

most hackers in the worldHacker is a person who is the computer expert and has complete knowledge of the field of equipment. Hacking is a broad term and has many moral and ethical connotations. Most hackers in the world are alternatively called as computer programmers or system experts who design systems, understand logic and use artificial intelligence to malign computer security or network access. Top cyber hackers intentionally break computer security to steal information, money and other vital information for their benefit. They exploits computer safety and breaks into the sensitive systems through programming and various computer techniques. It can be for any reason for the purpose like hobby, enjoyment or profit. However, it’s hard to differentiate between the division of ethical and unethical hacking. Hackers focus on a mechanism to access computer networks and use hit trial to gain illegal access to the security. There are lots of recognized top cyber hackers around the world and law has imposed several penalties on illegal hacking. Hacking has become a most advanced tool in the society today.  Hacking is morally and ethically dangerous. To know where do most computer hackers come from see the figures of top 10 hacking countries in the world given in this post.

Hackers History, Classification, and Techniques

  • History
  • Classification
  • Security Exploits
  • Consequences

The concept of hacking was first introduced in 1980 through the film. However, the first program was launched in the computer games. Top 10 hacking countries have different classifications including white hat, black hat, and gray hat. A white hacker hacks the security system through penetration into the system through various tests. The black hat is a hacker who breaks computer security for personal gains, and it becomes a criminal act. Similarly, the gray hat is another technique of computer hacking. There are different kinds of security tools used by cyber hackers such as vulnerability scanner, brute-force attack, password cracking and rootkit. There are different punishments for the criminal act of hacking, and they are penalized by the courts worldwide under different laws.

Top 10 Countries with most Hackers in the World

Rank Country Name % of Hackers
1  China  40.98
2  United States  10.54
3  Turkey  4.73
4  Russia  4.32
5  Taiwan  3.88
6  Brazil  3.63
7  Romania  2.65
8  India  2.32
9  Italy  1.85
10  Hungry  1.60

Q: Which country has the most hackers in the world?

China has the most hackers in the world. They have the upper hand on online activities to catch the others benefits. Hackers work against the law of government in China and grab the opportunities. Data stored on different places can be easily hacked if user do any mistake regarding hacker. They make a trap for internet users to be involved in it. After being trapped hacker can easily access their data. China has vast programming and information technology business.

Top 10 Countries with most Advanced Space Technology

advanced space technology in the worldSpace technology is another form of science and deals with aerospace industry which includes space planes and satellites for the exploration. Advanced space technology consists of many elements such as spacecraft, satellites, stations, equipment, and procedures. It has an enormous scope, and there has been a lot of research going in the sector. Aerospace technology is helping in different fields such as weather forecasting, satellite communications, GPS tracking and remote sensing. It has opened new ways for the discovery of space and helped a lot in the astronomy. Scientists are striving day and night to find new inventions to conquer the universe. New spaceships are developed by America to reach the other orbits in the galaxy and to find ways of living there. There are many universities around the world offering degrees to the students with majors in aerospace and different courses. Aerospace industry is also helping the countries to build massive air defense system to enable them to become a super power in the region. List of top countries in space technology are mentioned in this blog.

Space Technology & Its Branches

  • History of Technology
  • Types of Satellites
  • Exploration
  • Space Flight
  • Future

Aerospace technology started with the creation of artificial satellites and unmanned spacecrafts which are widely used in the wars. The first satellite was built by Russia in 1957 with successful experiment. There are variety of satellites including communication satellites, observation satellites, military satellites, navigation satellite, telecommunication and television satellites. Exploration has a challenge for many of the countries and everyone making their best efforts to use it for the mankind. The future of aerospace industry is very bright and it will open new horizons to make the life easier on the earth and to access other orbits for research and development.

Top 10 Countries with most Advanced Space Technology in the word

Rank Country Name Budget (Billion USD)
1  United States (NASA)  18.35
2  Russia  5.74
3  France  2.92
4  Japan  2.61
5  Germany  2.45
6  India  1.42
7  China  1.40
8  United Kingdom  Unknown
9  South Korea  Unknown
10  Canada  Unknown

Q: Which country has the most advanced space technology in the world?

United States of America has the most advanced space technology in the world. US has the most satellites around the earth. They have declared the most aerospace programs in the world. These satellites perform different functions related communication and other technologies. NASA remained the top agency of United States which had delivered the most space satellites. United States has the highest budget for aerospace technology around 18.35 billion USD. Research work is made on high levels of advancements which takes large amounts to explore.

Top 10 Countries with most Submarines in the World

most Submarines in the WorldSubmarine is one of the most advanced weapon used in the Naval Fleet of any country. Most submarines by country enhance the power of defense due to its power quality. It is a kind of watercraft which has the capability to operate under the water. It has distinct shape and size usually large, crewed autonomous form vessel and in the history, it was operated remotely with the help of robots. Submarines have been built anciently for the various reasons including experiments, carriage, and transportation, but later on, they are primarily made for the wars only. These firstly introduced in the World War 1 for attacking the land and sea portion. Mostly are built in a cylindrical shape with the vertical structure that helps them to move freely under the water and communicate and sense in a better way. France was the first country that developed submarine and used in the World War 1. Mostly are operated and managed by the military. However, there are some countries where civilian submarine exist, and the use of such technology is for commercial and tourism purpose. To know what country has the most submarines in the world see the list of world submarines by country.

Technology Used In Submarines Worldwide

  • Electric Submarine
  • Armament
  • Sensors
  • Navigation
  • Communication

Initially mechanical submarine was built which used to work on mechanical engineering between the engine and propeller, but later on, diesel engines were replaced with the electric driving force. Later on, more inventions were added to the old models with the capability to firearms to grounds and air as well. Sensors are equipped in different forms depending on the needs of the mission. Modern submarines are capable of sensing other machines under the water, radar to find the targets under the sea. These consist of the variety of navigation system and internal guidance system. GPS is used for tracking the route under water. World submarines by country are equipped with various communication devices to contact the command centers.

Top 10 Countries with most Submarines in the World

Rank Country Name Strength
1  United States  77
2  North Korea  71
3  China  70
4  Russia  62
5  Iran  34
6  Japan  18
7  South Korea  15
8  India  15
9  Turkey  13
10  Greece  12

Q: Which country has the most submarines in the world?

United States of America has the most submarines in the world. Nuclear war heads are also established on these advanced technology submarines. Virginia class of US are the most unique and deadliest among all other countries development. These have the latest technology based on changing war strategies. United States has the highest military budget which permits such high cost effective projects.