Honey producing countries in the world

largest honey producing countries in the world

Honey is sweetest natural food on the planet. Bees are the only source of production. These take the sugar substance from the plants to make honey. It is worldwide famous due to its immense sweetness level. It is pure natural liquid collected from thousands of plants. Bees only choose best sugar plants for honey production. Here I will share the largest honey producing countries in the world.

Honeycomb is the home to bees. Bees get the sweet substances from plants and store it into honeycomb. Wild bees have their own hives to store the sugar. But in that advance era, honey producing countries had made removable frames for bees to get high production. Machines made the removable frames for bees allotment. Hundreds of honeycomb removable frames are placed in single shed. Beekeepers provide the whole environment. They grow flowers and other best plants for bees to collect the sugar.

Wild honeycombs are difficult to find in the bushes or trees. People track flying bees to reach at their home. Wild bees are also dangerous to get closer. Smoke is only solution to get rid of bees and collect the honey.

On the other hand, farming bees are not much dangerous. Filled hives are removed. Multiple hives are put into machine which rotates and extract the honey. Filtration is one of last stage to improve quality . Bottle are filled and sold into market. That natural honey is expensive but beneficial for health.

Bees also need sugar to survive. Beekeepers provide sugar water to feed them. Or simply get back the removable frame with some honey. Most of wild bees die due to their home destruction. Therefore removable frames are the best technique to get them ready for next production.

Note: List is maintained with serious efforts. Most figures are latest but few countries have the old records of 2014. Companies have the major role in that high production. Research organizations will soon declare their latest honey production statistics in 2017.

List of honey producing countries in the world

Rank Country Production in Tonnes
1  China  650,000 (2016)
2  Turkey  115,00 (Annually)
3  United States of America  80,862 (2014)
4  Iran  79,000 (Annually)
5  Russia  74,868 (2014)
6  Ukraine  65,000 to 75,00 (Annually)
7  India  61,945 (2014)
8  Mexico  57,000 to 62,000 (Annually)
9  Brazil  38,481 (2014)
10  Canada  36,993 (2014)

Q: Which country is the world’s largest producer of honey?

China has the largest honey production in the world. They also exports the most honey worldwide. But still their domestic consumption is highest in the world. 75% is consumed domestically and rest is exported to other nations. China produce 6 times more than the second highest producer. China leads in every field of honey.

Quality is the major factor for high export. Chinese companies produce high quality sweetest honey which other countries love to import. China is known to be the best quality honey producer country in the world.

Chinese companies are providing best environment for bees. In that century, when other countries are even struggling to keep the bees alive but on other hand China is giving their best to stand up their country in economy.

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