Top 10 best Missile Technology Countries in the World

best missile technology countries in the worldMissile is the modern warfare technique which can damage more constructions and population. It enhance the power in the battlefields. Every nation want to listed in the best missile technology countries and they are working hard. A missile has features of direction, flight and destruction. It can approach on long distance which is fast and furious for the enemy’s destruction. Rockets have engines carrying blast material or may have nuclear power. Technologies produce fear in the society as these are voracious for the humankind. Countries should develop modern warheads and technology for solid defense and better life. Promote justice rather than occupying the other nations for getting resources. Best missile technology countries have scientists working in their development labs. Enemies hands tremble and they think number of times to attack country which have some powerful missiles.

A missile have many systems

  • Instruction and direction Systems
  • Aims of attack
  • Flight System
  • Engine
  • Explosive part

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by Nuclear Missiles. Missiles are unfriendly to humankind but countries are developing to smash others during battles. Many nations buy war equipment from other countries with high amounts. United States of America has the biggest business of weapons. They supply modern weapons to less developed counties and they are fighting with each other. Earth has become the life threatening place due to war and violence.

Top 10 best Missile Technology Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  Russia  Moscow
2  USA  Washington, D.C.
3  China  Beijing
4  France  Paris
5  UK  London
6  India  New Delhi
7  Israel  Jerusalem
8  Pakistan  Islamabad
9  Iran  Tehran
10  North Korea  Pyongyang

Q: Which country has the best missile technology in the world?

Russia has the top position in the list of best missile technology countries in the world. They have RS-24, R-36M and R-29RMU with range of more than 10,000 and vast demolition. Russia has the 1st rank due to these powerful missiles in the world. They had developed variety of small and large warheads. Missiles have specific destruction level and distance to cover. Russia had fought many wars in the history and showed the best attack and defense warheads to handle with the enemies.

Top 10 Countries with best Transport System in the World

best transport system in the world54Transport is the main system for travelling and trade from one place to another. Best transport system in the world is mainly in the developed countries. People use transport for himself and goods to transfer. It takes less time with less difficulties. Private and public are the two manners which can be under command of government or private owners. Transportation is majorly categorized into three sections including air, water and land. Airplanes and watercrafts are mostly used for long distances. Airlines are mostly used to move abroad. Road traffic has major role of daily movements. Government provide busses, high speed trains and vehicles. Local vehicles have a main character to enhance the transportation quality. Countries with best transport system had made the world as global village. Trade has improved globally with heavy shipment of seaports. Civilizations established during the exchange of goods. Economic globalization in the 1990s was based on the trade. Transportation was used by USA to trade between Canada and Mexico. Later that economic globalization spread in the world.

Different methods of travelling

  • Human muscle movement
  • Animal convey
  • Road traffic
  • Watercrafts
  • Railway System
  • Aircraft

Route and terminal infrastructure has a main role in transportation. Land transport must need carpet roads for better drive. Whereas rails have specific and unique railway tracks other than road traffic. Passengers need to reach at terminals to catch the carry. Mostly European, North American and some Asian countries have the best transport system in the world.

Top 10 Countries with best Transport System in the World

Rank Country Name Transport Index
1  Hong Kong  84.63
2  Singapore  83.48
3  United Arab Emirates  82.79
4  Netherlands  81.16
5  Switzerland  80.36
6  Japan  78.43
7  Germany  78.26
8  France  76.63
9  Spain  76.48
10  United Kingdom  75.84

Q: Which country has the best transportation system in the world?

Hong Kong has the best transport system in the world. It is a small country with large business and trade with other countries. Hong Kong has the highest public transport usage rate in the world. About 90 percent of the people use public networks on daily basis. It has exceedingly advance and worldly experienced transportation network. Transportation is the basic need for business to enhance their abilities worldwide.

best transport system in the world

List of Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in the World

most dangerous countriesDanger is the unpleasant or unknown activity that can harm and create problems for the humans. Nations are getting educated and building their lifestyles to create peace in the society. Most dangerous countries and less educated nations have small power level so the evil power do not let them live in peace. These evil powers want to snatch their resources to live luxurious lives. Most dangerous countries in the world have very low use of resources even though they have rich land. They have outer interferences from other countries. People are migrating from dangerous nation to the safe areas for better life. These nation have to strong their defense system and knowledge level to understand their original enemy. Some people say that we would not go to these most dangerous countries but I would say that these nations are very kind full to humans. These are strongly violenced from the outsiders to snatch resources.

Attributes of most Dangerous Countries

  • Civil war
  • Bomb blasting
  • Religious conflicts
  • Other nations interferences
  • Armed conflicts
  • Different anti-state groups
  • Crime activities
  • Violent crackdowns
  • Poor human rights
  • Unstable country structure

Internal war conflicts between different groups are the main violence creating activates in many Muslim countries. These groups are on the base of religion or any other cause. Global Peace Index update their list of most peaceful and most dangerous countries in the world. Measuring the danger of any nations is very challenging. Institute of Economic and Peace judge different parameters of all the countries and figure out list of most dangerous countries. According to that department Iceland is the safest nation.

List of Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Danger Index
1  Syria  87.35
2  Iraq  60.74
3  Afghanistan  58.34
4  Palestine  55.93
5  South Sudan  50.61
6  Central African Republic  45.85
7  Somalia  43.59
8  Sudan  40.91
9  Congo  36.60
10  North Korea  34.48

Q: Which is the most dangerous country in the world?

Syria is the most dangerous country to live and visit. Civil war is the main reason of violence. Country is divided into multiple groups on the base of religion and other aspects. Many countries are interfering in the civil war of Syria. Originally it is the war to occupying the resources and the land. Bomb blasting and rocket firing is common in that unpleasant area of Muslims. Protest against the government and reactions on these protests has created much disturbance in the society. National administration has been fully collapsed because major constructions have been destructed and occupied by rebels and other groups.

most dangerous countries654

Top 10 Countries with the highest Salaries in the World

highest salary country in the worldWorkforce of nation strongly matter to build economy. Workers are always in search of jobs to get highest salaries in the world to live happy lives. Have you ever noticed that which country has the highest salaries for the job holders? If you have noticed then you should have decided where to get job with high payments. Wages are totally dependent on economic condition of the country. If National Banks have high amounts then they can pay highest salaries to their employers. People are adjusted to work in the specific fields in which they have abilities to show. Government provide educational institutes for students to study and they take money from them. After study they need jobs to fulfil their requirements and necessities for better life experience. Well developed countries are giving highest salaries in the world to job holders and they are satisfied with their approach. Poor countries where jobs are limited, they have less payments with more hours of work.

Jobs with highest Salaries

  • Surgeon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physician
  • Corporate Executive
  • Dentist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Orthodontist
  • Data Scientist
  • Information Technology

Highest salaries for inhabitants tells the story of country’s wellbeing economic condition. Highest wages creates joyful life. When all individuals are getting well payments then they can buy more things which can make their life easy and happy. They can save money for the hard times to overcome. Many countries have high payments for the job holder but they have increased the tax rates which is unlikeable. These taxes are applied by the government for the wellbeing and construction of nation. Analyze the following income with respect to tax rate to find highest wages by country.

Top 10 Countries with the highest Salaries in the World

Rank Country Name Annual Avg. Income (USD) Tax Rate
1  United States  $56,730  23.76%
2  Ireland  $52,840  19.14%
3  Luxembourg  $52,980  27.84%
4  Switzerland  $51,730  31.57%
5  Australia  $45,640  22.93%
6  United Kingdom  $46,480  26.58%
7  Canada  $44,730  22.60%
8  Norway  $45,290  31.37%
9  South Korea  $37,810  11.75%
10  Netherlands  $48,150  37.48%

Q: Which country has the highest salary in the world?

United States of America has the highest salaries in the world. They are the biggest importer and exporter of merchandize in the world. Average annual income in USA is around $56,730 with tax rate of 23.76 percent. Some countries have large income but high tax rates, so the employees are less satisfied. United States of America is richest with natural resources to make money. They have large business inside the country to hire people for jobs. Their capitalistic structure give them free hand to be billionaire.

highest salary country in the world654

Top 10 most Advanced Technology Countries in the World

Thinking robotTechnology is the basic need for every country to stand and compete with other nations. Most advanced technology countries have the high competition level in the world in any field. Scientific inventions fulfil the necessities and facilities for the humans to rise. The countries which do not develop ideas as age passes remained far behind the success and innovation. Advanced technology countries never remain at the back. Change is required for every country in the world as time passes. Now distances are covered in short time due to advancement but some countries are still very less resourceful. Communications through mobile and internet are the great inventions of all time which decrease the loneliness. These communications promote the business levels as meetings are held from anywhere on mobile or internet. Industries are also the main departments of advanced technology countries. People need facilities from the government to enjoy their life. Government provide them best advance technologies to take part in the progress of the nation.

Latest Advanced Technology Countries Developments

  • Magic Leap
  • Nano-Architecture
  • Immune Engineering
  • Project Loon
  • Liquid Biopsy
  • Precise Gene editing in Plants
  • Reusable Rockets
  • Brain Organoids
  • Internet of DNA
  • Robots that teach each other

Every country is trying to have the latest technologies to overcome the other nations. Countries are developing the luxurious necessities like IT, space technologies etc. These advancements promote the lifestyle and requirements of society. But it is also hearting many nations. Developing nuclear and most advance weapons and other destruction methods for solid attack is the alarming situation in the world. We commit that these are advanced technology countries but using the negative aspect to harm the humanity is alarming for poor countries. We have examples of WW1 and WW2 which have totally destroyed the world peace.

Top 10 most Advanced Technology Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Capital Index
1  USA  Washington, D.C.  88.54
2  Japan  Tokyo  79.38
3  Germany  Berlin  78.63
4  South Korea  Seoul  76.91
5  Finland  Helsinki  76.64
6  Russia  Moscow  76.29
7  China  Beijing  75.42
8  UK  London  73.86
9  France  Paris  73.61
10  Canada  Ottawa  73.59

Q: Which is the most advanced technology country in the world?

USA has the 1st rank in the list of most advanced technology countries in the world as per inventions, facilities, defense and other things of measure. United States of America has discovered the internet which was the start of IT. They have the best space shuttle programs as they have visited moon for the first time in the world in 1969. These all things are the human friendly. But USA has also developed the nuclear weapons to destroy the enemies and occupy the lands. World Wars had a great experience with USA power upon other countries.

advanced technology countries 65

Top 10 most Used Currencies in the World

most used currency in the worldBusiness and trade are the most valuable methods to earn wealth whether they are private or government. Most used currencies in the world can be find with the percentage of trade in exchange market. Currency is used to buy and sell goods, resources, technology, weapons and other products that humans need. Every country has their own cash power to sell or buy merchandise. Powerful currencies have more capability of buying products. Every nation has their own money. Some have more business than others due to production, technology and resources. Most used currencies build the economy of a nation. Foreign exchange market is a world market for every nation to trade their currency. Exchange markets are available in every nation to convert in desired notes for purchasing products. We can sell, buy or trade currencies with other countries in Foreign exchange market which have the forum for traders. Foreign exchange market has the 1st rank in the list of trade markets as it has done the most trade and business in the globe.

Most used Currencies market participants

  • Commercial Companies
  • Central Banks
  • Foreign Exchange fixing
  • Hedge funds as speculators
  • Investment management firms
  • Retail foreign exchange traders

National governments try their best for investors to invest in their country projects. They boost their currency by taking the money from the other countries banks and invest into the national markets. Exchange rates are mostly established by the central bank to trade with other countries. Companies and Banks are the main contributors of Exchange Markets for business and trade. Trade of different currencies is held on main scale e.g. millions of dollars are traded in different nations on high benefits. Circulation of wealth for better experiences and achievements has much advantages to get. Our team has worked hard to list down the rankings of most used currencies in the world, given below.

Top 10 most Used Currencies in the World

Rank Currency Country Trade %
1  USD ($)  USA  85.14
2  EUR (€)  EU  40.73
3  JPY (¥)  Japan  14.36
4  GBP (£)  UK  12.58
5  AUD ($)  Australia  7.25
6  CHF (Fr)  Switzerland  6.85
7  CAD ($)  Canada  5.63
8  SEK (kr)  Sweden  2.72
9  NZD ($)  New Zealand  1.82
10  KRW (₩)  South Korea  1.59

Q: What is the most used currency in the world?

United States Dollar has the first rank in the list of most used currencies in the world. After the American Revolution banks had played a major role to enhance their currency in the other countries. Now about 85.14 % of the transactions are made in USD which makes it the most traded currency in the world. United States of America has technology and resources to attract the businessman and traders for trade. USD had the most payments delivered all over the world. Rich people feel successful to invest their money in USA projects.

Dollar banknotes in hand with copy space

Top 10 US Cities with the most Skyscrapers

us cities with the most skyscrapersSkyscrapers are the towering buildings having over 40 floors. List of US cities with the most skyscrapers is available in the article. These skyscrapers in United States are suitable or good enough to live in for people. A building is called skyscraper when its height is more than 150 meters. Now United States of America is building super tall and mega tall constructions. These are the best solution to handle the populated area, save the money and the earth space. There are some places where the earth value is so high and you will not find a large space for construction. You need to construct buildings with large amount of floors and rooms to control people. These US cities with the most skyscrapers are famous for offices. These super tall constructions are made with strong metals. Iron bar, rod and sheets are used for these mega establishments. Flexibility is the main thing to reduce bad actions of storms and winds on the building. That flexibility is developed with iron or steel springs which reduce bad effects. Many of the early construction in United States of America were damaged with natural disasters due to no flexibility. In modern US, pumping technology is used for water supply. Elevators and stairs are used by the people to go up and downward. These super tall building are usually used for office work and commercial. Richest businessman, actor and leader prefer these places to reside. List of US cities with the most skyscrapers is maintained in this post.

History of tallest skyscraper in United States

  • Equitable Life Building
  • Auditorium Building
  • New York World Building
  • Life insurance building

In the old ages 5 story building were the highest to approach. Elevators were not available to reach upward. Stairs were used for climbing on next floors. Water supply was also problem due to unavailability of pumping system. The Giza Pyramids were the tallest buildings in the ancient ages. These were built for the kings. All other old age buildings except Giza pyramids were destroyed or toppled with natural disasters due to weak architectural design and material. In the mid of 18th century, elevator was developed for easy floor exchanging. Before that construction were built with stone and wood but in 18th century steel sheets and rods were used to stand tall buildings. Latest buildings are established with concrete, iron and steel. Glass is used for more attraction. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building at that time in the world. Elevators and pumping systems are used for better facilitation for people. Flexibility is produced with iron or steel springs to reduce disasters effects.

Top 10 US Cities with the most Skyscrapers

Rank City Name Skyscrapers
1  New York City  242
2  Chicago  121
3  Houston  36
4  Miami  33
5  Los Angeles  24
6  San Francisco  23
7  Dallas  22
8  Boston  20
9  Atlanta  18
10  Las Vegas  16

Q: What city has the most skyscrapers in the United States?

New York City has the 1st rank in the list of US cities with the most skyscrapers. It is the most populated city of United States. It has the highest number of buildings for people to handle live. Offices and other different companies are  also established on high skyscrapers. Fashion industry in United States has a large scale. These industries have high floors on building. City has high class offices, hotels and other buildings to support large population.

Top 10 US Cities with the Worst Traffic

US Cities with the Worst TrafficTraffic jam is the big problems in many countries which have populated cities. Every country have its own driving rules and regulation but many of them are fails to handle. The reason is population but there are some countries which have big population but they have strict traffic rule which handle them in a good way and did not allow the to jam the roads.

Top 10 US Cities with the Worst Traffic

Rank City Name Wasted hours/vehicle in year
1  Los Angeles  65.58
2  Honolulu  60.37
3  San Francisco  57.86
4  New York  55.43
5  Bridgeport  45.26
6  Austin  43.07
7  Houston  41.75
8  Washington, D.C.  40.91
9  Boston  38.62
10  Seattle  37.62

Q: Which city has the worst traffic in the United States?

Los Angeles has the most bad traffic jams in the United States of America. People have their own private vehicles to drive and at evening there is a great rush every day.

US Cities with the Worst Traffic65

Top 10 highest Murder Rate Cities in the US

highest Murder Rate Cities in the US 654Murder has many reason when someone kill other person. The reason depends but killing is never supported. There are a lot of researches which declare that why one person kill another. Sometimes a person became so angry and lost his mind about someone and did not think of his future and kill him, but after he think that he did not do well that there were other ways to handle him but he do not have time.

Top 10 highest Murder Rate Cities in the US

Rank City Name Rate/100,000 people
1  Detroit  54.75
2  New Orleans  53.38
3  St. Louis  35.94
4  Baltimore  34.26
5  Newark  33.08
6  Oakland  31.47
7  Stockton  23.61
8  Kansas City  22.59
9  Philadelphia  21.82
10  Cleveland  21.47

Q: Which city has the highest murder rate in the United States?

Detroit has the highest murders in the USA. People are awful to treat with one another. Humans have no value in their community.

highest Murder Rate Cities in the US

Top 10 least Safe Cities in the US

least Safe Cities in the USCurrently there are many countries which are not suitable for living just because of they are unsafe for families. They have very low safety rate and people cannot do activities which they want. For example a person cannot have a huge business there, if someone have it the criminals will not allow him to live. And they will demand him for money and if he did not pay they will kidnap their families.

Top 10 least Safe Cities in the US

Rank City Name Safety Index
1  Oakland  22.63
2  Detroit  23.85
3  Rochester  25.07
4  Memphis  25.41
5  Saint Louis  27.63
6  Philadelphia  31.68
7  Atlanta  33.25
8  Chicago  34.58
9  Phoenix  34.74
10  Cleveland  37.46

Q: What is the least safe city to live in the United States?

Oakland is the less safety index to live in the United States of America. Crime rate is very high in that city. Criminals are in high amount and people remain in fear.