Top 10 Countries with best Hospitals in the World

best-hospitalsAll of us knows the value of humans. These can change the whole world. But in ancient ages, there was very short life rate and high birth rate. Most of the children were dead before getting married. It was the main problem. But now with modern technology, we have special trained people called as doctors to check the human problems and prevent them. Hospital system is introduced in the whole world. Doctors have new modern machines and medicines to cure new dangerous disease which were causing death of many people in the older ages.

Most famous Hospitals of France

  • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
  • Hôtel-Dieu de Paris

Top 10 best Hospital Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Expense/Capita
1  France  4.37
2  Italy  10.74
3  San Marino  20.38
4  Japan  13.84
5  Singapore  38.39
6  Andorra  24.63
7  Spain  23.84
8  Malta  36.41
9  Austria  6.85
10  Oman  60.93

Q: Which are the best hospitals country in the world?

France has the best hospital system and doctors, they cure dangerous diseases with less expense and in less period. Its expenses per capita is 4. World Health Organization given the 1st rank to France. They care patients in best way and had a good record over diseases prevention with new modern technologies.

best hospital country

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