Top 10 largest Exporting Countries in the World

largest Exporting CountriesLarge area, powerful and advance countries are producing much product of industry, agriculture, military, energy and technology. And other nations are keeping eye on them to grab that product which they need for their people to live good life. Largest exporting nations earn much much wealth by trading their products to other nation and sell them in high amounts.

Top 10 largest Exporting Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Exports in $
1  China  2,255,835,752,400
2  USA  1,612,462,349,200
3  Germany  1,548,239,260,700
4  Japan  710,573,784,600
5  South Korea  628,245,458,300
6  France  578,528,900,000
7  Netherlands  552,973,100,000
8  Russia  520,605,400,000
9  UK  503,756,600,000
10  Italy  500,474,700,000

Q: Which is the largest exporting country in the world?

China is the biggest exporter country in the world. They have large land to cultivate crops, vegetables and fruits. Industries are in large quantity with powerful labour. Education is the main power and china is producing new modern world technology products which other country buy.

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