Top 10 largest Labour Force Countries in the World

File picture shows workers walking in front of the construction site of a commercial complex on the outskirts of AhmedabadLabour is the working force of a nation combination of men and women. People which are not well educated they cannot get the job opportunities. There are Industrial and agricultural departments which every country holds for people to join and work. These are two big and most important departments for a country to stand and compete with other nations. Industry and agriculture needs labour to work for the production. The countries which have most working people they are running more industries and lands for production. Strong economy nations have the large percentage of workers to work in different fields of country to earn money and increase the progress.

Top 10 largest Labour Force Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Labour Force
1  China  797,663,978
2  India  487,357,265
3  USA  155,487,732
4  Indonesia  120,532,347
5  Brazil  107,386,749
6  Bangladesh  78,623,385
7  Russia  75,292,593
8  Japan  65,628,036
9  Pakistan  59,216,533
10  Vietnam  52,934,537

Q: Which is the largest labour force country in the world?

China is the largest labour working country when contrasted with other nations of the world. Labour is the main power which can increase the economy of a country to the peaks. Most populated nations have big advantage of working force like China, India and United States of America.

largest Labour Force Countries

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