Top 10 largest States in US by Population

largest States in US by Population 542Area is important for any nation that’s why countries fight with each other to occupy the lands. Land area has many benefits. The main advantages are the natural resources and people under control. United States of America has large land area which is further divided in states. Every state has significant population. Population has main advantage of work force. Large work force countries have more good impact on overall production. There are about 50 states some are well populated due more resources for employment and business.

Top 10 largest States in US by Population

Rank State Name Population
1  California  38,805,835
2  Taxes  26,958,153
3  Florida  19,895,475
4  New York  19,743,796
5  Illinois  12,885,926
6  Pennsylvania  12,789,673
7  Ohio  11,593,368
8  Georgia  10,098,845
9  North Carolina  9,945,582
10  Michigan  9,911,407

Q: Which state has the largest population in the United States?

California state has the most population in United States of America. California has best luxurious facilities for the people and high business.

largest states in usa by population

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