Top 10 largest US States by Land Mass

bas kar oyeThe countries which have huge landmass are the lucky countries of the world. But they have not got that easily because they have fought the nations and occupied the territories. Today they have many kinds of business like they can build the industries and produce many things of their needs. They are strong in agriculture as they exports foods to other countries.

Top 10 largest US States by Land Mass

Rank State Name Area km square
1  Alaska  1,477,949
2  Taxes  676,582
3  California  403,468
4  Montana  376,964
5  New Mexico  314,163
6  Arizona  294,212
7  Nevada  284,334
8  Colorado  268,436
9  Wyoming  251,473
10  Oregon  248,611

Q: What state in the United States has the largest land area?

Alaska has the largest land area in US. It is very cold state with low temperature. Alaska is full of mountain and glaciers.

largest US States by Land Mass

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