Top 10 lowest Crime Rate Cities in US

lowest Crime Rate Cities in USCrime is the biggest curse all over the world, which snatch all the happiness and satisfaction of the families. Every country have court laws to overcome the brutality and do not allow the single person to snatch the happiness of the people. The Country which have good police force have low rate of violence. Education level and high employment rate also can decrease the brutality.

Top 10 lowest Crime Rate Cities in US

Rank City Name Crime Index
1  Madison  20.63
2  Boise  20.85
3  Salt Lake City  27.52
4  Reno  33.47
5  Grand Rapids  34.51
6  Raleigh  34.86
7  Denver  35.32
8  Pittsburgh  38.27
9  Boston  38.58
10  Richmond  39.74

Q: What city has the lowest crime rate in the United States?

Madison has the less violence crime in United States. Facilities and employments are in high amount and people are friendly with their people of city.

lowest Crime Rate Cities in US 5

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