Top 10 most Peaceful Country in the World

most peaceful country in the worldPeace is the name of living happily in the society with no disturbance or violence. It is the condition when there is no fear of other people or environment to disturb. Peaceful country has not any war or fight news to worry the people of nation all the time. Relations make the society pleasant. Make perfect relations with family, neighbours, friends and even the people which are unknown to you to create pleasant environment. Employment rates, equality, resources distribution and economic condition have a big effect on a country to create and destroy peace in a society. Political system has a main role to improve and maintain the peace of a nation.

Top 10 most Peaceful Country in the World

Rank Country Name Peace Score
1  Iceland  1.173
2  New Zealand  1.195
3  Switzerland  1.240
4  Finland  1.269
5  Austria  1.274
6  Canada  1.297
7  Sweden  1.336
8  Japan  1.342
9  Costa Rica  1.369
10  Australia  1.375

Q: Which is the most peaceful country in the world?

Iceland is the most peaceful country according to the global peace index statistics. All the people wanted to business and enjoy life in the peaceful nations. They provide best facilities to their citizens. Peaceful nation creates perfect relations with other people with no fear.

most peaceful country

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