Top 10 most Safest Cities in the US

most Safest Cities in the US 87Safety is the right of all the citizen of the country and there are many country who have good administration to safe their society. There is a lot of difference in countries base on safety like there are some countries where a person can shop without shopkeeper and in other countries a shop can’t be open without a shopkeeper. In some countries a person can walk around streets 24 hours a day but in other countries a person can’t walk in the night time due to crime.

Top 10 most Safest Cities in the US

Rank City Name Safety Index
1  Madison  79.89
2  Boise  79.63
3  Salt Lake City  72.59
4  Raleigh  67.47
5  Denver  65.91
6  Reno  65.82
7  Grand Rapids  63.47
8  Pittsburgh  61.74
9  Richmond  61.53
10  Austin  60.01

Q: What is the most safest city in the United States?

Madison has the highest safety index in the USA. Police is overcoming on all the criminal activities with strong arms. Crime is very low due to good society communications and resources.

most Safest Cities in the US

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