Top 10 most Smoking Country in the World

most smoking countrySmoking is the action of getting taste of tobacco by breathing cigarette in high stream. These may include drugs in it. Cigarette is made of thin cover filled with dried leaves of tobacco. List of most smoking country is provided in this post. Smoke of cigarette badly effect the lungs of human body. Lugs transfer the smoke to blood vines. Blood became un-naturally less dense. That operation make the human body feel quite calm. But normally it has the bad effects on the human body. Chain smokers are the most effected. Most people smoke just for fun using different flavors. Chain smokers smoke hard taste cigarettes with drugs on daily basis. Mouth Cancer and Lungs failure are the common two disease which effect the most chain smokers. Tobacco Company’s production level is very high. Smoking became the globally most famous addict. Famous personalities smoke with luxury smoking kits.

Tobacco consuming methods

  • Cigarettes
  • Beedi
  • Cigars
  • Hookah
  • Kretek

Tobacco is consumed with different methods locally. The most used International method is cigarette. Cigarettes are more over filled with drugs. Smoking with drugs have high effect on body nature. More than 5 million people yearly dies due to cigarette addict. Males have very high proportion than females in Asia and Africa. But in Europe and America women have a large number of smokers. In 2008, Russia was the most smoking country but they restricted the company’s production. Now many countries have no drug preventing rules for the people.

Top 10 most Smoking Country in the World

Rank Country Name Cigarettes per Adult/Year
1  Greece  3,012
2  Serbia  2,973
3  Bulgaria  2,914
4  Russia  2,823
5  Moldova  2,473
6  Ukraine  2,436
7  Slovenia  2,381
8  Bosnia and Herzegovina  2,293
9  Belarus  2,264
10  Montenegro  2,181

Q: Which is the most smoking country in the world?

Greece has the title of most smoking country in the world. Females are also high in proportion with male. Tobacco companies are not restricted by the government. People have the freedom to smoke in the streets and homes. Bars in the streets full of people with alcoholic drinks and smoking cigarettes. Rules are not followed by the public and even the policeman caught freely everywhere.

Countries with most Smokers65

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