Top 10 most Used Currencies in the World

most used currency in the worldBusiness and trade are the most valuable methods to earn wealth whether they are private or government. Most used currencies in the world can be find with the percentage of trade in exchange market. Currency is used to buy and sell goods, resources, technology, weapons and other products that humans need. Every country has their own cash power to sell or buy merchandise. Powerful currencies have more capability of buying products. Every nation has their own money. Some have more business than others due to production, technology and resources. Most used currencies build the economy of a nation. Foreign exchange market is a world market for every nation to trade their currency. Exchange markets are available in every nation to convert in desired notes for purchasing products. We can sell, buy or trade currencies with other countries in Foreign exchange market which have the forum for traders. Foreign exchange market has the 1st rank in the list of trade markets as it has done the most trade and business in the globe.

Most used Currencies market participants

  • Commercial Companies
  • Central Banks
  • Foreign Exchange fixing
  • Hedge funds as speculators
  • Investment management firms
  • Retail foreign exchange traders

National governments try their best for investors to invest in their country projects. They boost their currency by taking the money from the other countries banks and invest into the national markets. Exchange rates are mostly established by the central bank to trade with other countries. Companies and Banks are the main contributors of Exchange Markets for business and trade. Trade of different currencies is held on main scale e.g. millions of dollars are traded in different nations on high benefits. Circulation of wealth for better experiences and achievements has much advantages to get. Our team has worked hard to list down the rankings of most used currencies in the world, given below.

Top 10 most Used Currencies in the World

Rank Currency Country Trade %
1  USD ($)  USA  85.14
2  EUR (€)  EU  40.73
3  JPY (¥)  Japan  14.36
4  GBP (£)  UK  12.58
5  AUD ($)  Australia  7.25
6  CHF (Fr)  Switzerland  6.85
7  CAD ($)  Canada  5.63
8  SEK (kr)  Sweden  2.72
9  NZD ($)  New Zealand  1.82
10  KRW (₩)  South Korea  1.59

Q: What is the most used currency in the world?

United States Dollar has the first rank in the list of most used currencies in the world. After the American Revolution banks had played a major role to enhance their currency in the other countries. Now about 85.14 % of the transactions are made in USD which makes it the most traded currency in the world. United States of America has technology and resources to attract the businessman and traders for trade. USD had the most payments delivered all over the world. Rich people feel successful to invest their money in USA projects.

Dollar banknotes in hand with copy space

5 thoughts on “Top 10 most Used Currencies in the World

    • You are absolutely right that USD has not the highest currency value but according to trade as per exchange markets USD is the most used currency in the world. Kuwaiti Dinar has the highest value but it has very small trade in the globe.

      • I thought, since Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest currency, it would be mostly likely to bee trade around the world. it is higher then other country, right?

        • If we see toward the USD, then you can analyze that United States is much more powerful country. USA have large business and they use USD in markets to business and trade with other nations. Other nations are under respect of USA to trade using USD. And Kuwait has no production level or high technology producer to import and export trade. So, due to the low production level in Kuwait they have low trade. They have just raised their currency value because they have the oil to sell other countries. And other countries obviously need oil to buy whether Kuwait take high amounts by rising the currency value.
          It was my Opinion, I think you will be some how Satisfied.
          If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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