Top 10 US Cities with the Worst Traffic

US Cities with the Worst TrafficTraffic jam is the big problems in many countries which have populated cities. Every country have its own driving rules and regulation but many of them are fails to handle. The reason is population but there are some countries which have big population but they have strict traffic rule which handle them in a good way and did not allow the to jam the roads.

Top 10 US Cities with the Worst Traffic

Rank City Name Wasted hours/vehicle in year
1  Los Angeles  65.58
2  Honolulu  60.37
3  San Francisco  57.86
4  New York  55.43
5  Bridgeport  45.26
6  Austin  43.07
7  Houston  41.75
8  Washington, D.C.  40.91
9  Boston  38.62
10  Seattle  37.62

Q: Which city has the worst traffic in the United States?

Los Angeles has the most bad traffic jams in the United States of America. People have their own private vehicles to drive and at evening there is a great rush every day.

US Cities with the Worst Traffic65

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