Top ten most Beautiful Castles in the World

beautiful-castles-in-the-worldCastle is a fort used to defense the people between tall walls build in the ancient ages. Famous kings built beautiful castles in the world. These were made with stone, mud, wood and other special materials which were famous on that time. King also stored their all wealth, resources, food and weapons in the store rooms. These had many rooms of all kind like special rest room for king and Queen, store room, and meeting room. Halls were also available for king message to people and a special chamber for king to sit and talk to their people. It was the residence place of kings and other people. List of top beautiful castles in the world are provided in this article.

History of Castles

There are many castles in Europe and Middle East countries which they built from 10 to 19 century. They build these in 900 years of time period.  They build these castles when there were fighting wars between different nations so, all the kings needed to be safe. They had made these beautiful castles in the world for their own protection and people. But there are some castles which were made for honor of Kings or Queens. People in ancient ages, build many castle for Kings and Queens. It was the central point for all the near under control people. People did the act as king wanted from them, they used for growing crops, trading with other nations, made swords & shields and made army for king to fight with enemies in conflicts with other nations.

Top ten most Beautiful Castles in the World

Rank Castle Name Country
1  Mont Saint Michel  France
2  Neuschwanstein  Germany
3  Hohenzollern  Austria
4  Bodiam  England
5  Praque  Czech Republic
6  Conwy  United Kingdom
7  Miranda  Belgium
8  Kilkenny  Ireland
9  Windsor  England
10  Alcazar of Segovia  Spain

Q: Which is the most beautiful castle in the world?

Mont Saint Michel has topped in beautiful castles in the world. It is on an island located in France. Its area is about 100 hectares and population is about 50. There are many houses in the island for people who are fishermen and farmers. Neuschwanstein in Germany and Hohensalzburg Castle in Austria are also the most famous and beautiful in the whole world.

mont saint michel castle

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