What Country has highest Kidnapping Rate

list of countries by kidnapping rate

Kidnapping is the act of forcing people and tie or close in a place. The reason behind that is to get the ransom. Ransom is the money got from the family of victim. Thousands of professional gangs commit such criminal activity to get money.

According to many kidnapping rate reports, children the main target. As per the rough estimate 800 thousands children missed every year. And in the most cases, family members are involved.

Other reports that often shows that kidnapping leads to murder the victim. Females are more victimized than male. Rape is another brutal act that kidnappers seek.

List of countries by kidnapping in the world

Rank Country Kidnappings
1 India 3,785 (2011), 60,000 Children (every year)
2 Mexico 1,583 (2013)
3 Colombia 30,000 (Last 40 years)
4 Venezuela 46 (2008 to 2009/per day)
5 Haiti 162 (2012)
6 Pakistan 2,054 (2012)
7 Afghanistan 2,000 (One Year)
8 Nigeria 1,800 (One year)
9 Iraq 1,700 (One Year)
10 Lebanon  18.4/ 10,000 people (2014)
Note: Table figures are based on different year and time period. Thus, kidnapping values are not showing the simple ranking structure based on figures. But as per these previews figures and recent conditions I have ranked the countries. Population and area also matters as I had prioritize Haiti over many countries. Haiti is small country with less population and area. But its kidnapping rate with respect to population and area rank it higher than few nations.

Q: Which country has the highest kidnapping rate in the world?

As stats show that India is leading from the front. The figures in the table are somehow confusing. 3,785 kidnappings were actually appeared in single year but not accurately counting the children. 60 thousand children annually kidnapped with professional and unprofessional kidnappers. And many disappear or miss from homes, schools etc. But their records are not maintained due to absence of human rights.

Children are the major kidnapping victims for criminals in India. Figures are proving the whole story about government rights and protection. There is no mean to discourage Indians but they need to change their system to get proper rights.

Assam, state in India is most effected by kidnappers. That single state records 3,812 cases to be registered in 2012. These are even more than a country figures. But you must need to know the population and area of India. India has more than 120 billion population. These high figures are too much difficult to manage in less time. They need to make a proper system based on equal rights. Then that system will gradually improve the society.

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